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Badminton is a fantastic sport that’s perfect for kids of all ages. Whether your child is just starting to explore sports or looking for a new and exciting activity. There are many health benefits of badminton. It also helps you stay active and strong. In this article, we’ll learn all about badminton for kids and why it’s such a fantastic game. We further discuss what’s the right age to start badminton.

The right age to start badminton for kids


right age to start badminton
                                                                                  The right age to start badminton

Most parents wonder what is the best age to start badminton for kids. Many experts and coaches agree that introducing kids to badminton at a young age, usually between 6 and 7 years old. Children are developing their basic motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance at this age. Badminton can help enhance these skills with its simple back-and-forth hitting motion. 

As kids age 8 to 10, they might be ready to examine deeper into the game. At this age, they can understand more complex instructions about the badminton. They can start practicing more specific techniques, like different shots and proper footwork on the badminton court. This is also a great time to introduce your kids to the game’s rules and help them understand how to play within a structured setting.  

As kids reach the age of 11 and beyond, they can develop more advanced badminton skills. They might be capable of playing longer rallies and participating in more competitive games.  At this age, there must be proper badminton training for kids. So, whenever you introduce your child to badminton, make sure it’s a journey filled with excitement and fun. Badminton lessons for kids provide an educational way for young players to learn the sport.  

Best badminton rackets for kids 2023

badminton rackets for kids
                                                                             Badminton rackets for kids

Yonex Nanoflare Junior Badminton Racket

The Yonex Nanoflare Junior badminton racket is an excellent choice for youth badminton. It’s designed to help kids and beginners enjoy the sport to the fullest. This racket is made by Yonex, a trusted brand in the world of badminton.

  •  The racket is head-light, so it’s easier to move and control because most of its weight is in the handle. 
  • The flex is medium, providing a good balance between power and control
  • It weighs 4U, which falls in the range of 80 to 84 grams
  • The grip size is G7 for comfortable handling.
  • You can adjust the string tension between 17 to 22 pounds to make your shots feel how you like.
  • The price is USD 75.

Yonex Muscle Power 2 Junior Badminton Racket

The Yonex Muscle Power 2 Junior (MP2Jr) bright yellow is a great choice to introduce badminton to kids aged 3-6. It is specially made for junior badminton players.

  • The racket has a stiff flex, which can provide more power for shots.
  • Its head is square/isometric in shape, allowing for a larger sweet spot.
  • The weight of the racket is 4U, which is approximately 83 grams.
  • The grip size is G5, measuring 3 1/4 inches in circumference.
  • It has an even balance point (B.Pt: 5), which means a good balance between power and control.
  • The recommended tension is 4U, with a range of 14-18 lbs for string tension.
  • The price of this racket is USD 25.

Senston Junior Badminton Racket Set

The Senston Junior Badminton Racket Set is designed for young badminton players. This set includes two rackets, making it perfect for kids to play with a friend or family member.

  • This set has two rackets, two nylon shuttlecocks, and a regular badminton bag.
  • Racket Set comes in a stylish blue and white color combination.
  • The length is 58cm (22.8 inches), and it weighs 95g.
  • The racket’s frame is made of aluminum, and the shaft is constructed from carbon fiber.
  • The price of this set is $37.

Franklin Sports Kids Badminton Racket Set

The Franklin Sports Kids Badminton Racket Set is made just for kids. These racquets have a short neck, which helps kids stay stable and in control when they play. The cost is low and affordable.

  • This badminton racket set comes in one size, and Franklin Sports makes it.
  • It includes two shuttlecocks and two fully assembled racquets.
  • The racket weighs just 0.01 ounces.
  • This set is priced at 12.99 in US dollars.

Best badminton shoes for kids 2023

 shoes for kids
                                                                                   Badminton shoes for kids

Asics Kids Upcourt 5 Indoor Court Shoes – White and Pure Silver

The Asics Kids Upcourt 5 Indoor Court Shoes are designed for children to wear while playing indoor sports like badminton or volleyball. They come in a white and pure silver color combination. They are comfortable to wear and help kids move around the court easily. These shoes are great for young athletes who want to perform their best during indoor games. This shoe is available for $55 in US dollars.

Asics Kids Upcourt 5 Indoor Court Shoes – French Blue and White

The Asics Kids Upcourt 5 Indoor Court Shoes come in a cool French, Blue, and White combination. These shoes offer good grip and support on indoor courts. They’re perfect for young athletes looking to excel in indoor games. The average price of shoes is $55.

Adidas Kids Stabil Indoor Court Shoes – Beam Orange and Pulse Blue

The Adidas Kids Stabil Indoor Court Shoes come in an eye-catching Beam Orange and Pulse Blue color combination. These shoes are for indoor games like badminton. They provide excellent grip and support on indoor courts. The typical cost of these shoes is around USD 40.

Yonex Kids Power Cushion 39 Indoor Court Shoes – White and Blue

The Yonex Kids Power Cushion 39 Indoor Court Shoes in White and Blue are designed for young athletes. These shoes are specially crafted for indoor sports like badminton, table tennis, and squash. The combination of White and Blue colors gives these shoes a clean and sporty look. These shoes offer great support and grip for quick movements on the court. These shoes can be purchased for 60 in US dollars.

Benefits of playing badminton for kids

benefits of badminton for kids
                                                                                       Benefits of badminton for kids

Badminton for kids offers many advantages. It’s a sport that can boost their energy levels, improve their concentration, and teach them important lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship. So, let’s discover why badminton is a smart choice for kids of all ages.

Improve the physical development of children

Badminton involves running, jumping, and quick movements, which strengthen the heart and keep kids fit. Playing badminton works muscles in the arms, legs, and core, which makes your children strong. It requires fast reactions and precise shots, which improves the coordination between the hand and the eye. Badminton is good for bone development and prevents future problems, burns calories, and keeps them active.

Badminton improves eye-vision

Kids nowadays spend most of their time in front of computer screens which affects their eyesight. It is the reason most kids nowadays use glasses because of weakness of eyesight. Parents must engage their children in some healthy physical activity, and badminton is the best option. Playing badminton requires keen concentration on the fast-moving shuttlecock. Frequent eye movement during badminton strengthens the eye muscles, promoting better vision.

Social benefits of badminton for kids

After the COVID-19 pandemic, children and teens face many mental health crises. Many kids used to live in isolation which affects their mental health, and they get depressed in the end. Badminton can be a great option to combat isolation and address mental health concerns. It offers a multitude of social benefits for kids. Playing badminton with peers helps to make new friends and build lasting social connections. When your children play a double badminton game, it improves their teamwork skills. 

Discipline and Sportsmanship

Youth badminton players need to manage their time effectively to balance badminton with school and other activities. In badminton, children learn the importance of fair play. They understand that winning by cheating or breaking the rules is not a true victory. Badminton has clear rules that kids must follow. For example, serving the shuttlecock within the service box is a rule so the child consistently serves correctly. It shows discipline in following the rules. They learn to accept defeat gracefully, showing sportsmanship by shaking hands with their opponent and saying, “Good game.”

Badminton coaching and training for kids

The first step is for a child to express interest in badminton. If they are enthusiastic about the sport, they are more likely to enjoy the training. Parents can search for local badminton clubs, sports centers, or facilities that offer coaching and training programs for kids. Many communities have run badminton clubs or academies.

Many places offer trial sessions or introductory classes. Parents can take their child to one of these sessions to see if the child enjoys it. If the child enjoys the trial session, parents can choose a coach or instructor who specializes in coaching kids. You must ensure that the coach is experienced and qualified. Kids should attend training sessions as per the schedule. : Parents should provide support, encouragement, and motivation to keep their children engaged and enthusiastic about badminton.

Final Words

Consider badminton if your kid is six and wants to try an active sport! It’s dynamic and keeps them moving without being too hard on their body. Badminton is a lively and mentally engaging sport for both kids and pros. However, always let your child have the final say, listen to them, and support their choices to boost their chances of success and enjoyment.


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